Watercolor paintings by Cynthia Pride







Cynthia Pride

Watercolor paintings by Cynthia Pride

Seaview, WA


Painting is both a spiritual and emotional journey for me. My paintings always start with a prayer. I've done various forms of artwork from a very young age, with a supportive Dad who encouraged this spirit... "Free to be, who one is meant to be". I have enjoyed connecting with others through the paintings and embracing the places where I live. Painting watercolors and oils are my way to express a need to glorify creation and my creator.

All images are the property of the artist Cynthia Pride. Copying, distributing or use of said images without the artist permission is strictly prohibited.

Some of my original paintings and other gifts are for sale and on display at my favorite gallery...Bay Ave Gallery, 1406 Bay Ave, Ocean Park, Washington 98640

Come visit us and see for yourself this gorgous NW coastline in Washington and Oregon!!

Have a minute? Check into "Artists" for my son, Tyler Milligan, here on FAA, for his great photography...I'm a proud Mama!!


Dutch Dahlia Delights by Cynthia Pride


Moody Blues by Cynthia Pride


Backyard Apples by Cynthia Pride


Geranium Splash by Cynthia Pride


The Desert Place by Cynthia Pride


Beachwalk #2 by Cynthia Pride


The Walk near Mt Ranier Wa by Cynthia Pride


Seagull Get-together by Cynthia Pride


Christmas Cactus Flower and Glass Buoy by Cynthia Pride


Sleeping Beauty by Cynthia Pride


Two Roses and their Buds by Cynthia Pride


Mr Moon's Garden by Cynthia Pride


Cozy Kitty by Cynthia Pride


Beards Hollow Connection by Cynthia Pride


GOODNIGHT SUN by Cynthia Pride


Oysterville Vintage by Cynthia Pride